Sunday, 5 February 2012

~ Trip to Kelantan~

Last Saturday, me and a couple of friends went for a trip to Kelantan. Our journey began as early as 3.30 in the morning up until 11 ish towards midnight. The reason for our trip was to attend a wedding of our good friends which were held somewhere in the area of Machang, Kelantan. Upon arrival, we went straight to get the car which was booked in advance. Immediately after getting into our Hyundai Accent which was supposed to be Hyundai Matrix, we were off to Pasar Siti Khadijah. we were excited to be here before it gets busy. the first place that we went to was the textiles area we were got a few good bargains. i've bought some kaftan for my mother, my in-laws and our little one. i was spoilt with a selection of batik collection that was displayed before my eyes. However, i was not really indulged in the shopping spree as i was saving for our family trip to Langkawi which is somewhere in Mac. As such, i was not really spending during my visit to Pasar Siti Khadijah though my desire is there. it was really tempting and desirous for me to get one of those batik collection on display which was indeed so much cheaper than the one that you can get in KL. Here in KB, the starting price for the cheapest batik begin at RM380 and after a few rounds of negotiation, the price can be negotiated to RM230 per piece. I really enjoyed doing the bargaining eventhough i didn't manage to get myself one. But I think, I would come again and get myself one of the batik with glittering stones as a collection in wardrobe ;D (ok, Mr. Husband take note of that).
After we are done with the textiles, off we went to the food area we were got ourselves some keropok,sambal daging a.k.a serunding daging and keropok lekor. However, Mr. Husband had an additional request. He wanted some mini ketupat that can only be found in Kelantan. I managed to get him the ketupat and the ketupats were sweet compared to the ones that i usually made during our Hari Raya. It was made from glutinous rice, added with some sugar, red beans and wrapped in daun palas. Indeed, the taste was superb and I definitely will get it again in my next trip to KB. Apart from the good bargains that we had in the market, I had a valuable experience which I think worth to share with everyone else. Through my observation, I see that females are the backbone of this market place. From the batik to the perishable items on sale, women filled every angle of the marketplace. I feel proud to see these women surviving and trying to make their ends meet in this not so spacious and comfortable market place. But, that is how lives is leading us, right?
By the time we were leaving the Pasar, it was almost 11 a.m. We quickly rushed to our friend's house in KB and get dressed before going to the wedding. The journey to Machang took about two hours we arrived there slightly almost to 2 p.m. we went straight to the Masjid where the akad nikah were about to begin. Everything went well and our friends had finally become the Mrs. to Mr. SK. I'll share the experience during the wedding in my next entry. But for now, I think I better put an end to my long winded story, as I have breakfast to make. Till then peeps, buhbye ~~ 

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